Everything you need to know

What is an OB?

It’s an Outside Broadcast, where the presenters are presenting out of the studio


Do you use one studio for news, drama, broadcasting or are there different studios?

No, there are different studios. Some are used for recording dramas, editing, news, and the main studio is for presenting.


Are all people working at the radio presenters?

No, there are producers, events coordinators, PAs, producers, cleaners, etc.


Can I come and see the presenters in the studio?

Yes, there is a transparent glass in the studio and you can see them anytime. But to get into the studio, you need to contact the stations management for appointment.


Do you play any CD/LPs in the radio?

No, any songs that are played in the radio are stored and saved into a computer and transferred to that dilate by music compiler?


What is an OB van?

It’s a mobile studio. The van is used for Outside Broadcasting.


Are presenters allowed to play their own CD?

No, that’s the duty of music complier to make sure that there is music in the dalet.


How does one becomes an actor in your dramas?

If you are qualified and talented, you need to call the station and asked about auditions.


How does one advertise in the radio?

By contacting the sales department and they will give you all the necessary information


What is a Dalet?

A Dalet is a media management system that enables radio broadcasters to reliably produce and deliver news and music programming.


What are Lesedi FM frequency around the country?

87.7 – 106.6 MHz


What does a music compiler do?

The person is responsible for all the music that is being played in the radio.


How can one submit or write drama for Lesedi?

You need to contact the drama department to submit your story. If it’s aligned with the mandate, then it will be considered for contract.


How do you invite the station when you have an event?

By contacting the Marketing Department and talk to the event



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