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Nyakallo Leine

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Show(s): Rea Kubeletsa

thuntsha lerole boss oje monate,o tlohele ditaba

He is a reserved, shy, quiet, fearless and realistic person.  What keeps him going is knowing that there are people whose lives are depending on him financially. He believes that if one needs to succeed in this industry one needs to be disciplined,  know where they come from and not take listeners for granted  and give them the respect they deserve.

His success tools are Identifying his strong points and working on his weaknesses, being very passionate about what he’s doing, respecting the microphone and not focusing on being a celebrity.

He is a hard working and self motivated character and he compares radio with a soccer career. His motto in life is:  “if you don’t use your opportunity whilst people still like you, “otla llela metsotso”!

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