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Who/What is your greatest inspiration?
Charlize Theron. As an Afrikaans speaking person from SA, she still went on to achieve her greatest American Dream!


How would you describe yourself in 5 words?
Assertive, consistent, self made, go-getter and highly motivated.


What keeps you motivated?
My Family as a whole.


Do you consider yourself a celebrity? If yes, what would you want the public to celebrate about you? If no, what do you think a celebrity is?
No, a Celebrity is someone who is celebrated for his/her achievements.


How and when did you fall in love with radio?
From when I was still in Primary school, I used to listen to Radio Drama and music as well as News


What personality traits/skills/attributes help a person to get a job like yours?
The love to work with people, the ability to listen attentively, and the passion to help and inform.


What advice can you give to people who want to get into the entertainment industry?
Be hundred percent sure that you fit perfectly with what you are doing.


Except radio, what else are you doing?
MC, motivational talks and story writing.




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