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Mantsheuwa Mofokeng

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Who/What is your greatest inspiration?
A young woman who goes down on her knees and bonds with God everytime, she wont go wrong in life. What ever she needs, she gets… I am that woman.


How would you describe yourself in 5 words?
Nice, Humble, Unpredictable, Funny, Intelligent.


What keeps you motivated?
Looking back at my past.


Do you consider yourself a celebrity? If yes, what would you want the public to celebrate about you? If No, what do you think makes a person a celebrity?
That's for people to decide, am I? Only if people celebrate me I`ll call myself one.


How and when did you fall in love with radio?
When I was 17 after my matric, but I was hesitant if I can really read news. I had an interest in being a magazine programme presenter and I gave it a shot and succeeded. Nothing is impossible in this world, you only have to give your best.


What personality traits/skills/attributes help a person to get a job like yours?
Have a good relationship with people around you. But don`t forget that too much of a good thing is dangerous.


What advice can you give to people who want to get into the entertainment industry?
Must be passionate, informative, study hard, be a hard worker and be ready to work extra hours.


Except radio, what else are you doing?
I would really love to own a designing company in the future. Am working on it!




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