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Seipati Seoke

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What philosophy/value do you uphold and live by?

  • I live by these four pillars Life, Love, Leadership & Legacy.

What is your favourite and motivating line for living your best life?

  • “for the Father Himself loves you, because you have loved Me, and have believed that I come forth  from God.” – Christ Jesus

Who is Seipati “Twasa” Seoke? 

“Twasa” is a petite ball of energy that is fearlessly ambitious and driven.  With a personality spread of one who is an extrovert, yet highly contemplative, Twasa is curious about her world and people. A consumer of literature and digital media she is a lover of lively debate and conversation with friends and family, and can be found in house parties, seminars, coffee-shops, hiking trails and the gym.

A recording artist, she travels extensively overseas as a hobby and enjoys dancing and making music in studio. Her passion for media has privileged her with a radio career that has landed her on the breakfast show of arguably the largest Sesotho Radio station in the world, Lesedi FM.  A former Jam Alley (SABC1) presenter, television sports-caster, Twasa continues to serve the society further by mentoring young people in leadership through the Twasa Foundation and Stellar School of Integrity programmes. 

With 21 years of broadcast experience both on radio and television, Twasa holds an IMM-GSM Marketing Management Diploma (2013), PMD (GIBS - 2019), PGDip (MBS-2020) and is currently an MBA candidate at the Gordon Institute of Business Science.

Twasa is a media personality, public speaker, and voice -over artist; tech, health and fitness enthusiast and one of the leading voices in the advancement of education and the fourth industrial revolution conversation using both Sesotho and English as mediums.  

A summaries version of the above:

Seipati “Twasa” Seoke – An awards winning radio and television personality, former TV-show presenter (Jam Alley), best known for her energy, faith in Christ, love for technology and education. Twasa is a recording music and voice-over artist, public speaker, social media influencer. She is a business school graduate, and current MBA candidate (GIBS), who is highly involved in mentoring young people in leadership through the Twasa Foundation and The Stellar’s School of Integrity (SSI) in Mpumalanga and Gauteng.

Birthday: 13 September

Place of Birth: Qwaqwa, Free State

What is your first love? Jesus Christ – He is my home

What are you passionate about?

People and new adventure give me a natural high. New knowledges, new countries, new discoveries drive me up the wall. The taste of new possibilities keeps me running.

What makes you be in a natural high?

I am most passionate about inspiring people to be the most authentic godly expression of who they are.  

What meal do you enjoy cooking?

I don’t cook

What childhood memory still resonates with you?

On my 25th birthday my father speaking at my celebration expressed that he is proud of the woman I have become above all that I have accomplished. That my leadership towards my sibling and friends in how I carried myself made his life as a widower-parent easier than he thought it would have become over a span of 15 years. This memory fuels my passion for authenticity in life.

What is your pet peeve? Not sure if I have one …Lol!

The thing you're most proud of? I am most proud of my ability to build and maintain great relationships, to dream and build those dreams.

What is your favourite music genre? House music & Soft-rock gospel music

Are you the life of a party or party pooper? Life of the party

What do you stand for?  OR How would you like to be remembered

I stand for Truth (biblical perspective truth). I would like to be remembered for walking my talk.


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