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Mpho is curious and interested in knowing what people want to know about issues so that she could give them a platform to express themselves and share ideas. She is self-opinionated, extroverted and sometimes shy. She is interested in different cultures, how they live, how they speak and what they eat.

This soft spoken lady also loves travelling and believes that if she was not on radio she would have definitely been a flight attendant. She is fluent in 80% of South Africa’s official languages and possesses other hidden artistic talents like painting, poetry, acting and dancing. She is a loving and caring person and always desires to help where needed.

Mpho would like to believe that she is flexible but does not just go with the flow. When she is given a task, she does it diligently to the finish because she hates unfinished tasks, be it DIY, cleaning, work-related, etc. Her motto in life is: “Never stress about things you cannot change.”

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