Date: Feb 18, 2019

World Radio Day

Johannesburg, Wednesday 13 February 2019- As the world celebrates World Radio Day, the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) reaffirms itself as the largest and leading provider of entertaining, informative and educative programming to the millions of South African citizens through its portfolio of 19 radio stations.

Throughout the years, the SABC’s radio portfolio has contributed to strengthening our country’s democracy by providing content in all the official South African languages and enabling listeners to engage with programming that provides them with access to information that is continually changing their lives. SABC Radio remains committed to provide meaningful and developmental content through a mix of programming genres including music, drama, documentaries, magazine and variety shows. Currently, SABC radio stations boasts a combined market share of 72.1%.

SABC Radio has had a great effect on people’s lives, including creating job opportunities and nurturing talent which has benefitted the South African broadcasting industry over many years. SABC Radio has evolved with the times and is able to deliver content in a multiplatform environment. Our radio platforms have extended their content offering to social media, reaching a much broader and wider audience.
On this day, the SABC is proud to also present Lesedi FM’s new state of the art Outside Broadcasting (OB) van fitted with modern digital studio equipment. This OB van is the first of its kind for the SABC and it meets international standards and has a look and feel of a real in-house studio. It is equipped with a digital mixer that is capable of hosting three guests and a presenter at the same time during a live broadcast.
Group Executive for Radio, Ms Nada Wotshela states that “It is quite fitting that Lesedi FM reveals its new state of the art OB van today on World Radio Day. This is an occasion to reflect on the strides that we have made as SABC Radio, especially our African language radio stations, towards achieving the transformed media that we enjoy today. It is also an occasion to fortify our commitment to our mandate as the majority of South Africans still rely on radio as a source of information and education” .

SABC radio remains a very powerful media platform, with the largest footprint in the country reaching people from all walks of life.

Issued By:                  Group Communications
Media Enquiries:       Neo Momodu GE: Corporate Affairs & Marketing/Spokesperson


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