Date: Nov 2, 2021

Growth in listenership

Johannesburg, Friday, 29 October 2021- The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) is pleased to see a growth in its listenership, following the release of the Broadcast Research Council (BRC) of South Africa AMPLIFY™'s latest RAMS data and radio currency.


According to the new data released, 14 of the country's 20 most listened to radio stations are part of the SABC radio portfolio, with Ukhozi FM leading the pack with eight (8) million listeners. Closely behind Ukhozi FM is the country's most listened to commercial station, Metro FM at five (5) million listeners per week. In addition, the survey's new methodology has also confirmed that 5FM leads the youth radio market at one (1) million listeners, while SAFM leads the talk and news radio market with just under a million listeners per week.


The survey also placed Radio station, Radio 2000, in the top 10 radio stations in the country.


The Group Executive for SABC Radio, Ms. Nada Wotshela stated that "The data presented by BRC reiterates the incredible power and influence of our radio stations. We are pleased to see that despite the consumer behavioural changes brought about by technological advancements which enable new media platforms, and offer audiences alternative sources of consuming content, radio remains a primary and trusted media platform. We have also steadily made inroads in the online space, which allows our audiences to always stay in touch with their favourite radio stations via digital, internet and social media platforms. This proves that our efforts are not in vain as the new RAMS track both linear and non-linear listening".


Ms. Wotshela further stated that "For us, the data provided by BRC is also a clear indication that the millions of South African households still rely on our programming for credible information and news, as well as entertainment. We take our role as the public broadcaster as a significant one. Thus, we continued to deliver on our public mandate during the most testing period in our nation's history, demystifying the COVID-19 pandemic and providing comfort to the millions of South Africans who have suffered considerably during the lockdown. During this period, our staff members who are entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring that there is content on-air remained resilient and ensured that our delivery is not compromised".


SABC radio remains the most powerful media platform as the leading hub of entertainment, news, and information to the millions of South Africans.




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